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There are many ways and products available to cleanse and get your entire digestive system/metabolism working again. However there is a newly discovered natural super food that will do it faster and easier for you than anything else on the market. It’s Acai Berry extract. This amazing diet supplement phenomenon is 100% natural and will get your body quickly functioning again by…

1. Removing built up toxins and re lubricating your entire digestive system.
2. Normalizing blood sugar levels
3. Normalizing cholesterol levels
4. Increasing metabolism speed

Also, once this is achieved you will notice that your energy levels literally go through the roof as your body is no longer spending most of it’s energy trying to process toxins.

Many foods these days contain canola or some kind of cheap vegetable oil. These oils are high in glycosides which cause a multiple of diseases as well as slowing down our metabolisms to an almost standstill. They also inhibit our body’s natural enzyme function. This is our bodies main system for breaking down the food we eat quickly and discarding the waste. This is one of the main reasons why it is so hard too lose weight and keep it off these days.

These oils coat our entire digestive system with a fine layer of penetrating oil that further inhibits digestion. The end result of all of this is high cholesterol levels, a plugged up digestive system and an extremely slow metabolism. Most people claim they feel very tired and lethargic all the time, especially after eating. This is due to the fact that your body’s digestive systems are working overtime to process this foreign toxic waste out of your body. It is this intake of non-human friendly oils that is using all of your daily energy reserves.

If you plan on losing any weight at all then avoid all foods that contain Canola or any other vegetable oils or fats at all costs. Plain Butter, Olive oil, Sunflower oil and Avacado oil are all fine. Just make sure that they are pure and not blended.

There is nothing worse than having to follow a strict diet. It makes it difficult when you are in a hurry or when dining out, most of the time people will end up quitting these types of diets because they are just not practical. Taking acai berry supplements is different, as long as you avoid the above mentioned oils in your diet, portion control is the only thing you need worry about. If you are going to eat Chocolate ice cream just make sure it’s a small helping. When you serve dinner, make sure there are 3 servings of vegetables and just 1 serving of meat.

Once you start taking Acai berry tablets you will find that you will constantly lose weight no matter what you eat (except the bad oils listed above). And, with a little exercise thanks to your newly elevated energy levels you will be on track to a slimmer you in no time at all.

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Weight loss can be a rather difficult process. Many people are unable to follow through with their weight loss goals due to lack of motivation or misguided information. Many of us want to lose weight but we don’t quite know where to start. The main factors of weight loss success are healthy nutrition and exercise; however, there are certain other steps we can take in order to improve our chances of quick weight loss.

One step towards quick weight loss is exercise. Everyone knows that physical activity is crucial when weight loss is the goal. Very often people will either commit to a diet or an exercise regimen, but not both. That is a huge mistake especially if you want to see results quickly. For instance, it makes absolutely no sense to put yourself through strenuous physical activity if the minute you are finished you will consume 3 pastries. If you really want to lose weight, it is important that you make healthy eating habits and exercise a part of your daily life.

Another step towards quick weight loss is protein consumption. It has been said that consuming protein with every meal can makes us feel full longer and it improves our metabolic rate. Our bodies require more energy to digest protein than they do other foods and as a result we end up burning more calories. And if you wish to gain all of the health benefits of protein without any of the carbohydrates, cholesterol and fat, you can always try whey protein shakes. They are very beneficial in terms of weight loss and healthy nutrition. Another step towards a healthy diet is fiber consumption. Fiber also helps us keep hunger under control and it improves our metabolism. Apples are one of the best in-between meals snacks because they are rich in fiber. An apple can help you feel full for hours without any unnecessary calories and fat.

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Understanding how to eat healthy and lose weight has baffled many people. More importantly, having a good enough reason to make the effort to seek out information on good diets has eluded even more of us.

Unlocking the key to the infamous question “how do I lose weight” is actually quite simple. Good diets are responsible for keeping people at their optimal weight. The equation is simple: If you consume more calories than you burn, you WILL gain weight. And of course the opposite is true. There are many factors in determining this balance- how many calories are consumed, where the calories are coming from (which is extremely important), metabolism, how stable the blood sugar levels are, how active one is…etc. All of these delicate factors can be roped under control once you understand the basic principles of how nutrition works. Once you have this information, you’ll be on auto pilot! You’ll naturally eat healthy and effortlessly lose weight.
Maybe you just want to change a few habits. Maybe you’ve been struggling to lose weight for years. If so, imagine having a slim and sexy body, feeling great about your self, and being full of energy every day without worrying about food. It’s within reach, I guarantee it. Most people simply need to change a few routines in order to achieve it. How do you do that? To achieve your optimal weight, you need some basic information on nutrition. You also need to understand that there is a lot of misinformation bombarding you.

For example: You don’t need supplements, pills, to hide from calories or fat…You don’t need the latest Hollywood diet craze that’s full of lies. You need the facts, so you can understand the mechanics of weight loss once and for all.

Six things you should know:

• Eating like a bird all day only results in damaging your metabolism. This may work for short term weight loss, but you have low energy all day and shut down your metabolism.
• The low-fat craze is a bunch of nonsense. You must eat fat in order to lose weight. If you eat the right kind of fat your body will naturally burn more and more of the extra unwanted fat.
• Low Carb diets have horrible side effects like headaches, constipation, very low energy and you never lose weight in the long run. Nobody needs the diet roller coaster!
• Medications also have horrible side effects and usually weight gain is one of them. Not to mention they are not intended to solve any weight problems for good. Keep in mind that the pharmaceutical companies only want to “treat” health problems. If they actually cured anything, they’d go out of business! Face it- you need a real solution, not another scapegoat.
• Stay away from supplements. They are a complete waste of money. No supplement can work UNLESS you have the proper nutrition. And of course if you’re getting the proper nutrition, you’re in good health and at optimal weight and don’t need any supplements.
• You don’t need to have a strict diet of granola, green salads with no dressing, whole wheat bread, and water! There are many delicious foods you can have that you’ll love to eat.

The key is to eat the foods you love. Maybe you love a good steak. Or perhaps you like things like salt, butter and whole eggs. That’s fine. Deprivation works against any diet. The right combination of any of these foods will actually help you lose weight! If you are walking around hungry all day, something is definitely wrong. With the right knowledge, you will eat the foods you love, never be starving all day, slim down you your optimal weight, and have tons of energy while doing it!

Ask yourself if you really want to change or remain the same. Yes, it will take some effort. Yes, you will need to make some changes in order to eat healthy. There is no magic pill. However, once you get going, you gain more and more momentum. It’s like the snowball effect. Imagine being vibrant, full of life and energy. Imagine loving who you see in the mirror! Imagine no longer worrying and being stressed out about eating! Think about being carefree all day and able to focus on other important things in your life... Many people have taken this leap. Are you next?

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Being too busy is a common excuse for escaping the weary, tedious exercise routines. Most often than not we think more of our career, too busy minding our career path and goals for a rewarding better lifestyle. This in turn, results in extra hours at work, and less time at home. Others do have the time but just hate the term “working out” asks them to do. Too many reasons just to escape minding your body’s well being could offer consequences. You have a healthy body right now, but what would happen to you in the future if this lifestyle continues?

With a reason that there is always something that takes away our time, haven’t you thought of yourself, of your own body? How about fitting fitness into our busy lives?

Achieving fitness at home is simple, fun and it works! Introducing a one piece gym equipment offering over 80 exercises, you’ll never get bored off. With Total Gym, in just 10 to 20 minutes deducted from your busy life, you can stay fit. Whether your exercise goal is to lose weight, trim fat, tone or build muscle, strength train, or just to get a cardio workout this one piece gym equipment offers it all. The Total Gym uses your own weight as resistance. You can set the resistance level – higher to build muscle and lower for muscle toning. With no weights to add or remove you can easily switch between exercises. The Total Gym is also great for Pilates and cardio routines. Take note, to help you spend less we will be giving out Total Gym Promo Codes for you.

It covers the whole body’s major muscle groups plus the additional comfort that it can be done at your home is a worthy investment! And it sets up in minutes, no assembly required.

It’s never too late to appreciate the importance of staying fit. Who else would greatly benefit this but YOU secondary are the people around you. It would greatly improve your quality of life. You’ll feel better physically - without the hassles of confusion over what to wear, lesser visits to the doctor, more energy for that hectic schedule, reduces depression and anxiety and improves psychological well-being.

In other words it enhances work, recreation and stamina.

You deserve all of these, so go on and start changing your lifestyle. Make Total Gym a habit and a part of your daily routine. It’s easy, simple, innovative and furthermore a fun way of exercising without the rut of going outside your home. Check out our affordable offers and promo codes and get on track towards a healthier and happier you!
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A natural weight loss program can mean various things, all the way from herbal teas to acupuncture. If you choose this type of weight loss regiment, you will feel better, look more attractive and be healthier.

No matter how much weight you want to lose, choosing a natural weight loss program provides benefits that cannot be attained in any other way. The major reason why such a statement is true is due to the fact that program that uses natural procedures, products and measures is more likely to be a long term change of eating habits--perhaps even of the lifestyle. Instead of drugs to speed up the metabolism, or to change the body's ability to metabolize the food, natural programs rely on a multiphase process to change bad eating habits and provide lifestyle alternatives to self-destructive behavior.

Long Term Maintenance of Ideal Weight

When you select a natural weight loss program for your weight control plan, you have the likelihood of reaching your ideal weight and being able to maintain the weight indefinitely. The reason for this is that a natural program helps you to retrain your eating habits and to make changes to your lifestyle that will help in your quest for the ideal weight for you. This type of process takes time, because habits require at least 3 weeks to change, regardless of whether it is a good habit (like eating healthy food) or a bad habit (like binging on chocolate bars).

No Dangerous Drugs

A natural weight loss program eliminates the need for drugs which can be harmful to your health. Instead, a good natural program focuses on making healthy choices in your selection of foods, monitoring portion sizes so as not to overeat, and adding components such as mental conditioning and exercising in moderation. Drugs that speed up the metabolism drastically can result in physiological reactions in the body and brain that can even be life threatening in some people. Many of the so-called diet pills cause the heart to race and result in an unpleasant jittery feeling.

Multiphase Program

When you plan and implement a natural weight loss program, you take advantage of several types of weight control measures. For example, learning about the nutrition necessary for healthy minds and bodies may help you to make better selections of the foods your body and brain needs. Another component of a natural program is adding exercise to the proper foods. Even a brisk walk once a day will help to make weight loss easier and walking is a great life style change to implement into your daily schedule.

Widely Available Foods

Another benefit of a natural weight loss program is that you don't have to purchase foods through the mail. You also don't need to pay the high prices for frozen quick meals from the freezer section although these meals in a box can be used for convenience. A natural program helps to educate you about the best choices for foods that are available everywhere. A good diet program will allow you to make wise choices no matter where you are getting your meals. Whether you are eating out or in your own home, it should be equally conducive to weight loss.
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